Cuelogic Technologies

Developer Website: Developer Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Software Development Company – Product Development – Cuelogic Cuelogic technologies takes pride as top Software Development Company and Product Development Company with clients across the globe. Contact us for any query! Contact Developer

Neusoft Corporation

Developer Website: Developer Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China Neusoft Neusoft provides innovative information technology – enabled solutions and services to meet the demands arising from social transformation, to shape new life styles for individuals and to create values for the society. Contact Developer


Developer Website: Developer Location: Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China 首页 DeepBrain 云大脑的愿景:面向全球儿童领域品牌厂商、方案商,提供云+芯一体化人工智能服务,帮助儿童健康成长!DeepBrain致力于打造继移动互联网应用生态之后的人工智能语音技能生态国内首家机器人AI SaaS平台, DeepBrain IoT面向品牌厂商、APP方案商提供全面技术服务,赋予产品全面、深度的人机智能对话能力,同时为厂商提供强大的云端能力(提供设备联网与管理、远程查看控制、海量数据存储与分析、C端用户管理、技能技术的开发、用户操作信息存储与同步)针对用户的运营、管理平台等基础设施,以及海量丰富的教育资源和服务,技能购买分成,专业儿童广告推送,AI时代独占鳌头!消费级机器人SaaSDeepBrain 提供五大核心能力:语音技能商店、AI人机对话引擎、机器人功能组件、精细化大数据分析、 Smartkit 家居互联网服务。 Contact Developer


Developer Website: Developer Location: Beijing, Beijing, China Shopping center sales data collection and data analytics | Counect – Connect All Possibilities shopping mall data collection, shopping mall data analytics, airport commercial data collection, airport commercial data analytics, shopping center retail KPI, sales analytics, shopping guide Contact Developer

Innovative Software Engineering

Developer Website: Developer Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China ISE | Innovative Software Engineering ISE engineers deliver a rare combination of technical expertise and business experience. A combination that drives the results our clients are looking for. Contact Developer


Developer Website: Developer Location: Beijing, Beijing, China APICloud 手机APP开发、APP制作技术专家 – 中国领先低代码开发平台 中国领先低代码开发平台,提供高效的APP开发、手机APP制作与APP管理等服务。APICloud专注于APP定制、自建APP,是专业的APP在线制作平台,可定制电商购物、旅游、社区、同城、校园、直播、IoT、教育、金融、O2O、社交、新闻资讯、医疗等多类型行业的手机应用。使用HTML5技术同时制作苹果IOS、安卓Android手机APP。 Contact Developer

Zingbox Inc.

Developer Website: Developer Location: Beijing, Beijing, China AI-powered IoT Command Center | Zingbox – Enabling the Internet of Trusted Things AI-powered Zingbox IoT Guardian is the most deployed, most capable, and most cost-effective cloud-based solution for trusted, optimized, and autonomous IoT. AngelList Company Profile Contact Developer

Aspire Technology Partners

Team Steve Crwol Contact Steve Crwol Developer Website: Developer Location: Beijing, Beijing, China Connecting people and data in the digital age-Aspire Aspire accelerates your digital journey with world-class infrastructure and expertise to elevate the customer experience – and drive business forward. AngelList Company Profile Contact Developer