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Apphawks is a software testing company from Poznan, Poland.
Apphawks housed QA Engineers to test client’s web or mobile application through quick Body & Team Leasing or Project-Based Outsourcing.
Apphawks had a chance already to work with clients from the US, UK, Sweden, Dubai or Netherlands.
Company worked for companies from a wide range of industries: e-commerce, SaaS application, Finance, Healthcare, Education, and Insurance.
From Apphawks you can get an on-demand our QA Engineer with manual or automation testing skills or just outsource your project to Apphawks and then they will take full responsibility for the quality of your product.
Apphawks usually offer middle and long-term relationships.
Apphawks has experience working with companies that didn’t have any testing process in-place, but also has background operating with companies who had an in-house QA team, and they just wanted to rent from Apphawks QA Engineer.
Apphawks can cover most of the software testing types, such as Manual Testing, Automation Testing, but also can support you with software testing documentation.
Core Services: E-commerce Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Functional & Non-functional testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, QA Outsourcing.
Testing Services
Test Automation Performance Testing Functional Testing Security Testing Localization Testing CompartibilityTesting Usability Testing Consulting Services
QA Audit Quality Strategy Educational Services

Location: Poznan, Poland


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